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Temporary closure of part of footpath 1815   (24.05.2017)

 WEST SUSSEX COUNTY COUNCIL Road Traffic Regulation Act Temporary Closure Notice NUTHURST: FOOTPATH NO. 1815 (Part)

NOTICE is hereby given that in pursuance of the provisions of Section 14 (2) of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, as amended, the use of:

NUTHURST: FOOTPATH NO. 1815 as shown on the map below.

The path closure is necessary to protect public safety due to a bridge having been vandalised

Use is temporarily prohibited with effect from 24th May 2017.

Unfortunately there are no alternative routes available using the public rights of way network.

This Notice will be effective for 21 days from the date given above, and may be followed by a further closure

Contact telephone numbers: Public Rights of Way Team (WSCC)    (01243) 777620

Date: 23rd May 2017

Ref.: LD/RW/FP1815

for Director of Highways and Transport

This map is reproduced from Ordnance Survey material with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the Controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office (c) Crown copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. West Sussex County Council, 100023447, 2010

SCALE 1:10000

Public Footpath Public Bridleway

(c) Crown copyright All rights reserved. WSCC Licence number 100023447